Custom Posts

There is an increasing trend toward the purchase of Custom Post Processors by our customers who believe that they are best at manufacturing parts, not necessarily best at optimized development of a Post Processor. So they prefer to purchase individual Custom Posts as they need them.

Custom Posts are also appropriate when your existing machine tools or new machine tool are particularly difficult to program. Multiple axes, special attachments and features all require considerable experience when it comes to Post Processor development. For these machines, expert Post Processor development means just that much more of a productivity gain.

Why should I buy a Custom Post from Software Magic?

Since the early history of NC equipment, the staff at Software Magic, Inc. has been working with manufacturing firms worldwide to determine equipment specifications to develop customized postprocessing solutions. For over twenty five years, our trained engineers have supplied thousands of customized solutions, supporting all types of machine tools. Each custom Post Processor is warranted to provide reliable output and highly optimized machine tool performance. Development of your custom Post Processor is done by our engineers using the IntelliPost Post Processor Generation System. This system was specifically developed by our engineers to allow efficient configuration of Custom Posts. They developed it, and are experts in using it.