The Nicam System offers a full-function high-performance processor for Compact II® Part Programs. Designed to satisfy current part programming needs while providing an integral link to subsequent Post Processing, Nicam is available for use with any modern IBM compatible personal computer. Simply put, Nicam is a easy but powerful parametric programming CAM solution.

Nicam processes ANSI X3.35 PANCM Compact II part programs and generate cutter location (CL) files for IntelliPost®, the CAD/CAM industry’s defacto standard postprocessing solution. Nicam supports all PANCM syntax and standard link vocabulary. It provides interactive debugging and external file processing. To minimize part program editing, non-standard link vocabulary can be defined by the user. Corresponding link functions can be handled by IntelliPost’s powerful integral macro processor and sophisticated tape formatting facilities.

Supporting all traditional Milling and Turning functions, Nicam is supplied with an IntelliPost System for machine control data generation. Machine control data is generated by the appropriate IntelliPost postprocessing system supplied either by Software Magic, Inc. or as a part of most major CAD/CAM vendors’ products.

Nicam not only accepts text files containing PANCM part program data, but also accepts auxiliary text files that can be stored and recalled via the USE facilities. Nicam also produces a “List File” which contains input statements each followed by system results.