To the NC programmer, EXPEDITE 3-D/Windows represents the latest in machining technologies combined into a true “developed for Windows” CAM programming system. EXPEDITE 3-D/Windows works with IntelliPost┬«, the standard in user configured postprocessors. Designed for a multitude of manufacturing applications, EXPEDITE 3-D/Windows has standard Windows Help and a built-in tutorial.


Flexibility, the most important feature of any system, is one of EXPEDITE 3-D/Windows’ greatest strengths. For the manual programmer, EXPEDITE 3-D/Windows provides editing, graphics tape verification, and punching of tape data. Users can generate NICAM/COMPACT-II/APT source files to interface to existing language-based programming systems. Interactive graphics allow the programmer to go directly to the specific program statements requiring editing. 2-D as well as 3-D part geometry may be easily and quickly defined using the system’s manufacturing-oriented graphics definition capability. Its compact and intuitive user interface follows the Common User Access (CUA) standard.

Minimum System Requirements

  • P II 266MHz computer with a minimum of 256 MB memory.
  • SVGA display
  • Available hard disk space of 200 MB
  • Windows 2000/XP