IntelliPost 2000 30-Day Trial Install Instructions

1] After downloading the “IntelliPost2000_3**.exe” to your desktop, double click on “IntelliPost2000_3**.exe file”. This should launch the installation program.

2] During the installation, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

** If you receive any errors during the installation, please contact us.

Note: The Trial will expire 30-days after initial installation. The Trial, by default, will start in ‘Demo’ mode – which means that everything is functional, but nothing can be saved.

If you would like to request a temporary 30-day Registration Code that will allow you to save results during your Trial, do the following:

1. Re-start Intellipost 2000. You will see the ‘Do you wish to Register?’ splash screen. Click ‘Yes”. Carefully note the Machine ID code displaying on the screen. Follow instructions, and email us.

2. In the email, you MUST include your Name, Your Company, Company Address, and your Company Telephone Number.

3. If you are approved for a 30-day Full Function Trial, an Unlock Code will be returned to you.

4. Enter the Unlock/Registration Code the next time you start Intellipost 2000, and the for the remainder of your 30-days, the software will be Fully Functional, including the ability to save results, define PostProcessor .DAT configuration files, etc.

Please Note that not all requests for a Fully Functional Trial are approved. Approval is in the sole judgment of Software Magic, Inc. and may be withheld for any reason.

After completion of your 30-day Trial we recommend that Intellipost 2000 Trial be completely removed from your system using the usual Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs procedure.

Should you decide to Purchase, the Trial version must be removed before installation of the Full purchased version.