Expedite 3D 8.2.2 Install Instructions

1]Download the Expedite 3D e3d822.exe to your desktop or other folder, preferably to a ‘virgin Win2000/XP machine, or a machine where any existing Trial or other E3D version has been Uninstalled. (NEVER Install directly to a machine where you are using E3D for Production, without first Backing Up the entire E3W80 Directory!).

2] Install by clicking on the e3d822.exe just Downloaded. This should launch the InstallShield installation program.

2] During the installation, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. RECOMMENDED – take all defaults, including local Folders. (If you have network drives, change to them later by modifying CONFIG.AI)

3] When first run, E3D will present a ‘Registration’ splash screen. You will see a ‘hash code’ consisting of four (4) groups of eight (8) hexadecimal characters (0-9, A-F) separated by hyphens. Carefully write down – or better paste – this hash code to the correct block in our Contact Us form. Fill out the form completely and send it. If its OK – you will get a ‘success’ confirmation page back. Your 30-day unlock code – if approved – will be returned within 24 hrs.

Alternatively, you may contact us. Be sure ‘E3D Registration Request’ is in the Message. Include your Name, Company Name, and Address – or the Request may not get processed. We will return a 30-day Trial Unlock Code.

Note: E3D outputs a ‘generic’ cl-file – or ‘cutter location’ file. (Sometimes called ‘generic APT’). In order to get a ‘tape’/MCD for your machine tool, you must ‘PostProcess’ using a ‘PostProcessor’ of your choice. Most E3D users also use our Intellipost 6.0 PostProcessor for this. Intellipost is also available for 30-day Trial Download at this site.

** If you receive any errors during the installation, please contact us.